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Therapy for men

Services Provided


Treatment specialization includes:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Couples Counseling
  • Work and Career issues
  • Life Choices
  • Stress Management
  • Long-term therapy for personal growth
  • Short-term therapy for specific results
  • Issues related to the transition into fatherhood

I work with individuals and with couples. Mostly, I see only adults, but I do work with adolescents at times. A specialty I have is working with men who are undergoing the transition into fatherhood. I do individual psychotherapy with fathers, as well as lead support groups. 

Most of the clients with whom I work come in dealing with emotional reactions that fall into roughly three categories: a specific situation or circumstance (such as a crisis or major life event), a recurring pattern or situation in life (struggles with love or work, compulsive behaviors, etc), or pervasive anxiety or depression.

I tend to utilize tools and skills that shoot for two different levels of change. On the one hand, I focus on helping you change behaviors, reduce symptoms, or get clarity into a specific issue. On the other hand, I work to help you to gain insight into, and then shift, fundamental beliefs or emotions that might be contributing to the issues with which you struggle.

Reducing symptoms or behaviors means that we come up with a plan that addresses things like poor sleep, lack of concentration, compulsive actions, etc. Getting clarity on a specific issue means we put all the pieces out on the table to evaluate what's here. Obviously, you want to make some tangible changes in your life, and I offer a variety of tools that
empower you to make a difference.

For some people, this is enough. "Help me address this one thing" is what some ask for. When this is the goal, our work is more short-term, anywhere between a few months and a year.

Other people, however, want something looser and more open-ended from our work. For those folks, psychotherapy is an opportunity to explore how one experiences life and shows up in the world. Daily events are used as a means of exploring fundamental patterns, assumptions, and filters, and of changing what needs to be changed from the bottom up. This is the realm of "personal growth", and it is often more concerned with a sense of well-being than it is with select issues. This type of work can go on without a particular end goal in sight; it finishes when you feel like you've reached a point where you no longer need it.

These are the two ends of the spectrum. Most often, my clients seek neither one extreme nor the other. Realistically, most people fall somewhere in the middle. Usually it's somewhere along the lines of "Please help me find a way to not think about work so much AND feel better in life." 

Couples who come into see me usually are caught in a negative cycle involving unresolved past conflicts and frequently accruing new conflicts. There's often a mutual mistrust between partners, and each may feel utterly unheard and dismissed by the other.

I work to create a space in which you can begin talking about the conflict, to find out what's underneath. It seems that much of the time, the fights themselves are really just repeated manifestations of one or two core issues within the relationship. In order to do this, we not only focus on what the fight is about, but also on the way you are fighting, since regrettable things are sometimes said in the heat of the moment, which just adds kindling to the fire.

The idea is to help each of you feel like the other can hear you, even when he/she don't necessarily agree with what you're saying. This creates a positive cycle of increased mutual trust and empathy. From this point, together, you can start resolving the burdonesome past and learn how to handle conflict in a healthier way.


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