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My approach

As a psychotherapist, I think of myself as a wilderness guide headed into unknown territory, without a map, but with lots of experience and a good set of tools. The wilderness is your internal world, and it is something we explore together. We examine the various terrains and climates (i.e. thoughts, emotions, motivations, etc.), and eventually, an articulated map begins to take shape. When this happens, we can begin to hold it up to the situations in your life, to see what areas you typically end up in relative to your circumstances and relationships.

Even though I am supposedly the expedition leader, really, I’m not. You are. This is your world – not mine – and I can’t claim to be an expert on you. That’s because I see you as a real, live human being, not as a puzzle for me to take apart and reassemble as I see fit.

I figure that over the course of your lifetime, you have developed some very compelling reasons for being the way you are. And it’s not up to me to tell you what you should & shouldn’t drop about yourself. I will certainly challenge you to question your reasons for being how you are – because often they’re old, atavistic justifications that no longer have any real bearing on your life – but I’ll never tell you that you’re wrong for having them.

It is this perspective that leads me to call myself a “humanist” therapist. I see you as a person caught up in things and stuggling to get out. This is reflected in the way our work together develops. I ask questions just as often as I make statements. And it’s all designed to help you become more aware (as vividly as possible) of the workings of your mind, of your heart, and of your spirit. My belief is that once you undertand, on a deep gut level, the vast network of beliefs, attachments, memories, and experiences that make up "you", you will begin to make better choices for yourself.

Like I said, you’re the real leader of this trip, not me. All I'll do is invite you to look at territory you’ve crossed a thousand times before with a fresh set of eyes. Once that happens, I trust you’ll know where to go from here.

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